A 5-week video and audio course to help you move through your performance blocks towards Inspired Performance.

In an ideal world, you always perform to the best of your ability with adrenalin supporting and enhancing your performance. But the reality can often be different. Musicians who love music and love the experience of playing and singing, can feel dogged by performance anxiety that is both uncomfortable to deal with and destructive to the performance. There can be many underlying causes but sometimes it’s difficult to know what they are and what to do about them.

 How this online course can help

  • It covers key areas that can be contributors to Performance Anxiety and gives you a chance to address those topics in detail
  • It gives you the opportunity to focus on one area at a time in an easy, manageable way. By taking one main idea on a daily basis and practising it in, you learn more on a practical level than if you were reading it as a book
  • It focuses on areas that are rarely covered in the music education field
  • It gives you an opportunity to explore these ideas from the privacy of your own home without fellow musicians knowing, if this is important to you.
  • You can also share your ideas ‘incognito’ on the Community Wall. (To do this go to the drop down menu on the right hand side of the navigation bar. Select Settings and change your name to whatever you like.)
  • It is the only course of this type (to my knowledge) in the musical world at large.

What you will learn

This course takes you on a journey. It helps you move beyond the unpleasant performance nerves to build an inner environment of safety in which you can feel free to express yourself as you’d like to supported. It is packed with strategies to help you shift your own personal stumbling blocks out of the way, to give you the best personal chance on stage.

  • We will look at how you can best hone your skills so that you can support yourself on stage exploring skills such as practising, memorising and keeping your focus.
  • We’ll be looking at the psychological and emotional components of practising and performing to find the stumbling blocks that are getting in your way.

    • You will meet your Inner Critic and learn how to transform that part of yourself
    • You will learn how to aim for excellence rather than perfection
    • You will learn how to deal with different levels of stress en route to your most demanding, challenging performance

And much, much more…

What people say about working with Charlotte...

“Charlotte’s insight into my performance anxiety problems was amazing – after only a couple of sessions she’d nailed the causes, and we immediately got stuck into working together to resolve them – hard work sometimes, but we had fun too, and the results have been completely worth it!” 

Anthony L. Jazz pianist

How to do the course

  1. Sign up and get immediate access to the first five video lessons and activities - enough to keep you going for a week.
  2. Work through the video, written information and activity for each Session. Aim to do one a day during the week - you will learn most with daily practice.
  3. Comment, chat and ask questions on the Community Wall, which is available for each Session
  4. Watch for the email to tell you when the next section is released. Modules are released weekly to avoid overwhelm.
  5. Return to the course as often as you like - you get access to it all for as long as it exists. 

Key Features

  • 5 Modules covering the key areas of Moving through Performance Anxiety
  • 25 sessions for daily practice
  • Community Wall for you to ask questions and share experiences
  • Multimedia lessons - a format for everyone
  • Clear consistent layout - always know where you are
  • Fully responsive - use on any device
  • Full access for the lifetime of the course

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So, if you are ready to move through Performance Anxiety, come and join us on the course.  The course is a bargain at £297.


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Buy without risk. The course is covered by my 30 day money back guarantee. If within the first 30 days of working through the course, you feel you are not getting any benefit, just send me evidence of the work that you have done, and I will refund your course fee.

Course Curriculum

What's included?

26 Videos
25 Texts
26 Audios
Charlotte Tomlinson
Charlotte Tomlinson

Charlotte Tomlinson is a Performance Coach who helps musicians realise their full potential. She works very intuitively, supporting musicians in expressing the music in the best way possible, by moving them through their own personal blocks and giving each musician exactly what they need. Her approach has been developed largely from her own experience of teaching and performing as a classical pianist, along with a strong background in personal growth, psychology and trainings in different bodywork techniques

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